John Keyser
John Keyser was a son of Charles Keyser, however the date and place of his birth, along with the name of his mother, have not been confirmed.

On 30 Aug 1791, John Keyser married a neighbor, Catherine Reinhart. Catherine was born 13 March 1776, which would make her age 15 at the time of her marriage. Some Internet sources give John Keyser's birth year as 1754, which would have made him age 37 at the time, however the 1850 Mortality Schedule from Page County lists John Keyser as age 80 at the time of his death in 1849. That would indicate that he was born in 1769 and would have been age 22 at the time of his marriage.

Catherine's sister, Sarah Reinhart, married John's brother Andrew Keyser. John and Catherine Keyser had the following children: [Mead Relations.]

  • Alexander
  • Christopher
  • Elizabeth Ann

  • In 1897 the Page County, Virginia paper ran a two-part article entitled, "The Keyser Family". A portion of it regarding John Keyser and his family is copied below:

    "John Keyser, son of Charles Keyser, and brother of Major Andrew Keyser of Revolutionary War, was known as "Country Line John," he having lived near the line between Rockingham and Shenandoah counties before the formation of Page County.

    Two of his sons--Christopher and Alexander--lived and died in the upper end of Page County. Christopher was a minister of the Old School Baptist Church and father of Dr. H.M. Keyser, of Honeyville, this county, who is so well and favorably known to the people throughout the county. He has for many years become a leading physician in his section of the county, and has represented Page in the State Legislature several times. He was for some years the efficient Superintendent of public schools for the county, but owing to declining health he has been compelled to retire from active business life.

    Alexander Keyser, at one time a prominent farmer of the county, lived and died on his farm near Honeyville. Of his sons, John and Daniel went West John locating in Hancock County, Illinois, and Daniel settling in Johnson County, Missouri. Harvey lives near the old home place in this county. Hamilton owns the old homestead. He is at present a member of the county Board of Supervisors from Shenandoah Iron Works district.

    William, the youngest son, was a Confederate soldier, and received a wound from which he died several years after the close of the war.

    Of the girls, Miss Lydia married B.F. Keyser, Esq., as before stated. She died a few years since at her home near Rileyville. Miss Sallie married Mr. Joseph W. Keyser, now deceased. She still survives him on her farm west of the River, near Rileyville."
    [Page News and Courier 29 April and 13 May 1897.]