Joseph Kiser
Joseph Kiser was a son of Charles Keyser and was raised on his father's farm in the Shenandoah Valley. His date and place of birth, along with the name of his mother, have not been confirmed. Some online sources give his middle name as "Kenton", but no references are given.

Along with his brother Charles, Jr., Joseph was a member of Michael Reader's Company of Dunmore County Militia in 1775 and was probably a participant in the 1774 conflict between the Colony of Virginia and the Shawnee and Mingo American Indian nations known as Dunmore's War. The war ended soon after Virginia's victory in the Battle of Point Pleasant on 10 Oct 1774, and was the last conflict of America's Colonial Era.

A few years later, Court records show he entered into a lawsuit for debt and was awarded 18 shillings and 6 pence plus court costs on 8 Oct 1778 in Page Co.

At some point, probably while he was still living in Page Co., Joseph Kiser married Susannah "Sukie" Stacy. They migrated west to Washington Co., Virginia, which later became a part of Russell Co., where they raised their family and spent the rest of their lives.

On 10 Oct 1782 the Commonwealth of Virginia granted Joseph Keyser 50 acres of land on the south side of the Clinch River. The area he settled was known as "Kiser Station"; today it's known as Carbo.

In December of 1785 he signed the petition to form Russell County.

On 18 Mar 1793 he purchased 70 acres of land on Becks Branch of Russell County from John Frost and others.

On 24 Nov 1801 Joseph and his wife, Susannah, conveyed to Jacob Burch 50 acres of land on the waters of Clinch River on the north side of Copper Ridge and adjoining Edward Kelly, "it being fifty acres which land was granted by the Commonwealth to said Keiser bearing date the 21st day of November 1792". Both grantors signed the deed.

Joseph Kiser was a Russell County juror on 22 Apr 1789, and also on 26 Jun 1792. He was allowed 12 shillings, 6 pence for killing one old wolf on 22 Feb 1791.

Joseph Kiser and his wife spent most of their lives in Russell County, where both he and Susannah died, Joseph in 1816, and Susannah in 1830. They are buried in the Old Carbo Cemetery. Many of their descendants are still in Russell Co. today, and nearly all spell their surname "Kiser". [Mark Kiser.]

Joseph Kiser's estate was appraised by Abraham Childress, James Sutherland, Jacob Blare and William Kelley, and the appraisal was recorded 6 Feb 1816.

Joseph and Susannah Kiser's children were: [Sutherland; Prichard]

  • Joseph, Jr.
  • Abednego
  • John
  • Nimrod
  • Ephraim
  • Mary
  • Susanna
  • Charles
  • Elizabeth

  • Joseph Keyser Signature
  •    1796

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